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The leader in outpatient therapy networks


Therapy Network builds and manages outpatient (PT/OT/ST) provider networks. We work with most of industry's leading managed care organizations. Our team of over 250 employees supports nearly 10,000 providers.


Our commitment to care is only paralleled by our commitment to excellence, for instance: 

  • We are the rare network organization that is NCQA accredited in Utilization Management and Credentialing.

  • Every single member of our network operations team, from the Vice President to individual Provider Relations Representatives is trained in provider contracting and maintenance.   

  • Our team also includes a Director of Quality Improvement, whose role is governed by several key performance indicators, including our Annual Provider Satisfaction surveys.

Our growth - now covering more than 5,000,000 lives - is driven by our people, our processes, and our providers. All three work in concert to drive value for customers and enable care for members.

Excellence is a choice. Our team excels because it is passionate about therapy and is served by a leadership team who continually strives to create a work environment that enables success. In fact, the core members of the founding team are hands-on with the day-to-day operations, creating alignment through every level of the company.

Our Utilization Management team is staffed with licensed therapists across all three disciplines. This unique group applies unprecedented insight and knowhow, ensuring a peer-to-peer perspective that is unprecedented in the industry. One of the many benefits of this arrangement is a denial rate of less than 1%. 

Our People

We built our technology infrastructure from the ground up with one simple goal: reduce administrative effort for providers. Our secure portal gives you the access and information you need to keep your attention on delivering care, instead of chasing paper.

Beyond the provider portal, we have taken many unique steps to ensure we are saluting the perspective and needs of individual providers. Most notably, we have state and national Medical Advisory Committees. These MACs meet quarterly to help illuminate provider challenges and to permit an open exchange of ideas. They are a direct line to our executive team.

Our Processes

We see providers as the beating heart of healthcare. And because they are on the front line of care, our objective is to support them with advanced systems and passionate people, all in service of ensuring that every member gets the care they need. 

Always seeking out ways to improve, we survey our providers annually to learn about and address any gaps. Over the past five years, our providers have reported a 90% satisfaction rate and we've enjoyed provider retention of 97% - both are a testimony to our commitment to serving providers.

Our Providers

What Makes Us Different, 

Makes Us Better

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